Westgate Interiors is a turn-key interior solutions provider with expertise in commercial, hospitality, retail and residential projects. We take great pride in our work offering a wide range of solutions to deliver distinctive, unique, compelling design solutions to meet the needs of our diverse clientele.

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―   Our Methodology

Step 1

Design and concept development

The initial step is to meet in person or via video conference to discuss the nature and scope of your requirements, sometimes at a high level only. This is an important step and an opportunity to exchange ideas, agree a broad outline for the project and get to know each other.

Step 2

Dedicated detailed plan

Having discussed your requirements and agreed a broad outline for the project in our first meeting, our dedicated team will then set to work designing all layouts for your project. In creating the layout, our dedicated team draws upon its many years of experience to optimize workflow and tailor the space to your individual needs.

Step 3

3D visualisation

Once we have agreed on the layout, we produce 3D visuals and provide samples to enable you to better understand the scales, proportions and materials. In our experience, this is an integral part of the overall process as it allows you to become immersed in the space and really understand how it will look and feel.

Step 4

Bill of Quantities

The final step before we start manufacturing and/or move in on-site, is to prepare a bill of quantities (often known simply as the ‘BoQ’). Agreeing a realistic budget is essential and our dedicated team will work with you to ensure the budget is agreed and understood on a phase by phase basis. We firmly believe that for a budget to be useful it should be clear and transparent with no hidden costs. Further, we finalise our drawings of the items required for manufacturing (including dimensions and materials).

―   3D Design Services

Visualizing your design is essential. While we provide detailed 2D CAD drawings, we also produce 3D designs and extensive 3D walkthroughs. Our 3D design services allow our clients to accurately preview the proportions and materials of the end product even before project initiation.

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